People often ask me how yoga can benefit their lives. As an active Yoga Instructor, I see it as a personal practice which affects everyone differently. Read how my yoga practice has affected clients through their testimonials.

Paula- yoga student

I find the classes challenging- but in a good way! Every class I feel the "burn" and no class ever feels the same: there is always a different move or variation to flow that inspires me to keep going and really concentrate. Marina is very supportive and always provides encouraging words that I often find are so timely that she could be directly speaking to me! 

I've learnt to not beat myself all the time about not aligning to where "I feel I should be at". I am terrible for criticising myself and my ability in all aspects of my life and I like how the class regularly reminds me "that I am enough and that where I am at is where I am meant to be", I need that reminder! 

After attending the classes I always feel much more grounded and settled. Even when I may be feeling really down or upset, knowing I can do something just for myself, without pressure, and judgement, well that is a great feeling. 

I doubt I am ever going to be the most flexible person in the world (or class for that matter - though it is gratifying to see progress!), so for me the benefit I find is mindfulness training. As someone who has struggled with general mental wellbeing for a number of years (and who finds doing solo self meditation challenging) I find going to a set practice regularly provides me with headspace and assisted training relating to focus.